Mission ANO “The World”

“The World” is an autonomous non-profit organization where all kinds of sociopolitical, cultural, scientific and expert powers are presented, united by the common goal – constant positive improvement of every socially important livelihood aspect in Russia.

We are “The World”, the youth who wants to participate in developing and improving our country with diverse social activities using constructive expert-approved proposals on regional and federal levels.

ANO “The World” supports programs of our country’s leading political powers in socially-important directions and programs dedicated to improving our country’s quality of life.

Guided solely by patriotic ideology and social wellbeing, we support all positive socio-political, scientific innovations, we help the youth develop and get involved in small businesses, and we also create profile workgroups for developing and improving potential of the youth to improve social wellbeing and quality of life in Russia.

Our organization is cooperating with many sports clubs, sports schools and is helping with organizing sports events on municipal and regional levels. Our firm belief is that sports is the key to maximize physical education and endurance of young Russian boys and girls and we will continue to support their new sports- and physical education-related beginnings.

The culture is an integral part of both body and mind, though which cultural values like parenting, education and self-improvement are cultivated. Such values enable people to work towards many goals, both personal and social. Our organization already has both well-known cultural activity members and beginners. We try to provide support and encouragement for any young cultural activist.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


“The World” is young people, aimed to build and improve one’s spirit by socializing and cooperating in increasing professional scope, and to help Russian Federation achieve and hold new heights of the global arena of: international relations, social politics, small businesses, housing and utilities, agriculture, ecology, science, physical education and culture (with support of music, arts, cinema and other hobbies for young)

We are active people, ready to take responsibility for our country’s future by promoting positive and rational projects aimed to increase overall happiness of our country and our home. We see our country as economically stable, technologically developed, socially oriented and flourishing; we see our country as a magnificent part of the world.

Feel free to join us!